Anne Casey

  • Title: Lead Consultant
  • Location: Manchester

35 years' experience in UK Education across school, local, national and commercial fields with a deep personal commitment to improving outcomes for all learners.

She is Founding Director of ACE, an Educational Solutions Consultancy that provides innovative approaches and methodologies that address critical educational and social mobility issues. Anne is an expert in Governance, education strategy, digital strategy and MAT development. 30 years as teacher, LA Adviser, Principal and Senior civil servant with an impressive portfolio of program and policy work spanning local, national and international work. Currently adviser to Confederation of School Trusts, Governors for Schools, Government of Jersey, Vice chair of the Charity YGAM, CEO Mentor, CEO appraiser and CEO of EFATrust.

Previously DFE Deputy Director to the RSC, a senior civil servant role working with 25 LAs, influencing and communicating Government policy to shape the educational landscape. Anne has been responsible for approval of Free schools and assessing Free School capacity. Highly regarded by colleagues and recognised for changing the educational landscape, her work continues to strengthen links between education and employment, bringing together people, ideas, practices and technology, truly transforming and improving outcomes for students, schools and businesses.

Prior to this role she established the highly successful University Technical College in Media City, Salford. Bringing this this from vision, inspiring students, parents and employers to oversubscribed reality. She has been described by the DFE as demonstrating outstanding leadership and resilience.

Prior to this role she was Head of ICT for DFE and managed a national team and multimillion pound budgets.