ANNE CASEY EDUCATION ACE LIMITED CARBON REDUCTION PLAN Commitment to achieving Net Zero ANNE CASEY EDUCATION ACE LIMITED committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. ANNE CASEY EDUCATION ACE LIMITED is at the beginning of our Net Zero journey; we are currently in the process of gathering and analysing robust baseline data, building an ambitious and practical decarbonisation strategy and assessing what Net Zero means to us. Although we are initially committing to Net Zero emissions by 2050, this is a minimum guaranteed commitment that we plan to supersede in a comprehensive strategy in the coming months. • We are prioritising beginning our journey towards Net Zero now instead of waiting another year to collect baseline data that may or may not be more representative of business as usual. We believe progress towards Net Zero is urgent.. • We believe re-emerging to a new business as usual from the COVID-19 pandemic In July 2023, we finished the migration of our IT systems onto Microsoft 365. Microsoft as a supplier in part because of their decisive actions to decarbonisation; Microsoft has a commitment to being carbon negative by 2030 and to backdate the removal of their atmospheric emissions since the 1970’s by 2050. Azure also allows us to better monitor emissions associated with each server and cloud platform and save energy by shutting down services when not in use. ANNE CASEY EDUCATION ACE LIMITED has a mandatory objective for all employees to strengthen our organisational commitment to sustainability. We have reduced our footprint dominated by emissions resulting from business travel and hotel stays. There are a number of roles and functions requiring travel in where the majority of these emissions come from. We will interrogate our data from travel to better understand if and where carbon reductions can be made. We continue to support and encourage hybrid working, in the context of continuing development of the Smarter Working policy. Encourage the continued use of virtual meeting platforms. We continue to encourage the use of public transport, in particular trains. We are investigating the feasibility of providing individuals with the concept of having their own ‘Carbon Pot’ or ‘Carbon Budget’ and then if that is exhausted they cannot travel any more. Hotel Stays We have a preference to be given to accommodation with the highest Green rating, using data from Click Travel. We use environmental criteria to be prioritised in booking accommodation or suppliers for corporate events. Education and information should be provided to staff to understand how to reduce the impact of a hotel stay